Karnov Group offers a key role in developing and building our content products effectively and with confidence. This is an ideal opportunity for one who is motivated by developing applications and thrives in an environment advocating innovation, communication and collaboration.   

About us 

As our new backend developer, you will belong to our Development division, consisting of four dedicated agile development teams. Our applications are mainly written by using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS and deployed using Kuberenetes within Google Cloud platform. Projects are undertaken by small agile teams in collaboration with the Authors and Products Division securing that our customers have relevant and updated content at hand 24/7. There’s a healthy mix of new greenfield work, as well as improvement of our legacy applications. 

The role

You will be joining our Content Development team responsible for developing and maintaining our back end systems and processes such as cms systems, content harvesting, content processing and content enrichment systems collaborating with your peers performing code reviews and pair programming. Writing high quality code with good test coverage. Implementation across portfolio as well as being a team player with an agile mindset defines you in your daily work. You are passionate about software development and strive for the best way forward to optimize and refine processes and methodologies. 


Professional qualifications

We expect that you are proficient in Ruby or a similar Object Orientated language as well as being comfortable with JavaScript and that you in your developer role have good domain modelling abilities. Experience with xml and xslt is considered as a valuable merit. Being able to write clean and maintainable code which is well tested using practices such as Test Driven Development is of high value to us. Experience of working with content aimed for professional use is considered as a merit.

Personal qualifications

To be successful in the role, you will bring an engineer’s approach to problem and solution solving methodologies. Experience in processing media neutral content for professionals to be published through various end points is perceived as an advantage. It is a prerequisite that you are a solid practitioner of Test Driven Development, as well as you are a proficient and thoughtful programmer with excellent skills. Lastly, great skills within communication and collaboration is an advantage as Karnov Group advocates such culture. 

Our offer

Karnov Group takes pride in our friendly, inclusive and supportive environment where we inspire one another to be as good as possible. We consider ourselves to be open and direct. Knowledge sharing and discussion is highly valued and encouraged. Karnov Group values diversity; currently we are more than 14 nationalities in our team, and we would be happy to have even more countries represented.

We offer a position in an ambitious company with great opportunities for professional and personal development with competitive salary and bonus, pension and health insurance, 6 weeks holiday and also opportunities for further education and courses. You will have very high skilled colleagues working in a dynamic environment. We believe in close collaboration across the entire business to serve our customers every day. We value diversity and we take pride in acting as role models to always walk the talk and getting things done.

You will be employed by Norstedts Juridik, a part of Karnov Group. Our newly renovated office is located in Stadshagen, Kungsholmen, about five minutes from Stockholm Central Station.

How to apply

If you want to know more about the role or who we are, you are welcome to contact Head of Content Development Thomas Amble at +46 70 665 9415, thomas.amble@nj.se. Please note that we only accept applications via the website and not via mail.

We aim to fill the position as soon as possible and will evaluate applications as they arrive. The position may be filled before the final application date 2020-06-14. Therefore, please apply as soon as possible. We are looking forward to receive your CV and cover letter. 

Karnov Group

By delivering the right insights at the right time, media independently, we make sure that our customers effectively can do what they do best; securely servicing their customers or the society at large.

We have a very informal approach where recognition, constructive criticism and sparring are valued. You become part of one of Denmark's most progressive information technology companies, and this is reflected in the daily work environment.

Karnov Group is a leading provider of mission critical information in the areas of legal, tax and accounting, and environmental, health and safety in Denmark and Sweden. With brands such as Karnov, Norstedts Juridik, VJS, Notisum, Change Board Member/Legal Cross Boarder, and Forlaget Andersen, Karnov Group delivers knowledge and insights, enabling more than 60,000 users to make better decisions, faster – every day. With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Malmö. Karnov Group employs around 240 people and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

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Malmö Norra Vallgatan 70

Norra Vallgatan 70
211 22 Malmö Vägbeskrivning 08-622 14 00 View page

Stockholm Hälsingegatan 43

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113 82 Stockholm Vägbeskrivning karriar@karnovgroup.com 08-587 670 00 View page

Vår värdegrund- The Karnov Group Identity

Vi har fyra värderingar som genomsyrar vår skandinaviska verksamhet.




Customer Centricity
Med kunden i  fokus sätter vi kundens upplevelse främst i allt vi gör. Att känna våra kunder är kärnan till  hållbar innovativ utveckling. Som medarbetare känner du till hur just dina kunder arbetar och kan formulera hur vår verksamhet skapar unikt värde- vägledande och rådgivande.

Simplicity and Transparency
Vi vill att våra kunder, partners och författare vet vad vi står för, vad vi erbjuder och vilket värde vi skapar. Därför  levererar vi produkter och lösningar genom en öppen och tydlig affärsmodell. Som medarbetare har du en tydligt definierad roll där du har egna mål (Key Performace Indicators) kopplade till organisationens strategi, värdegrund och mål.

Vi strävar efter att leverera högsta kvalitet, i vår service, vårt innehåll och våra digitala lösningar. Våra kunder, partners och författare ska känna tillit till den information de hämtar från oss, där våra varumärken står som en garanti för högsta kvalitet- alltid. Som medarbetare skapar vi starkt innehåll, starka processer, starka system och program som ger kvalitet, stödjer verksamhetens mål och skapar lojalitet.

One Team- One Company
Våra länder, organisationer och avdelningar arbetar tillsammans, har gemensamma prioriteringar- tvärfunktionellt och gränsöverskridande. Vi vill skapa samarbete och synergier där våra strategier involverar hela organisationen- med öppenhet, förtroende och respekt. Som medarbetare är kommunikationen ärlig och öppen- vi talar med varandra, inte om varandra.


  • Culture Club Scandinavia

    Culture Club Scandinavia, ett team av medarbetare från Sverige och Danmark som arbetar för en gemensam kultur i Karnov Group. Det kan vara allt från att genomföra sociala evenemang till projekt för att skapa en trivsam arbetsplats för att främja gott samarbete över avdelnings- och landsgränser.

    Dessutom arbetar Culture Club för en inspirerande arbetsmiljö som skapar motivation i vardagen.

  • Pension, försäkring & föräldralön

    Vi erbjuder tjänstepension, kollektivavtalade försäkringar och föräldralön för dig som blir förälder.

Karnov Group

Karnov Group is founded on one man’s belief that access to the rule of law is the pillar of true democracy, thus being the backbone of our society.

After almost 100 years, this belief is still at the core of our organization, and consequently at the core of our work of making the law accessible, shareable and debatable.


Jobbar du redan på Norstedts Juridik, Karnov Group?

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